Test Corrections

Your instructor is giving you an opportunity to recover some of your lost test points. To earn back these points, you must correct your exam and have it signed off by a designated PSME Center staff member.

In order for the PSME Center staff to sign off, you must completely write out the missed question and provide the correct answer with proper notation and supporting arguments. You may use English sentences, graphs, tables, numerical values, analytic arguments, or formulas to support your work.  You will only get two chances at test corrections, so if you are not sure how to arrive at the correct answer please ask the PSME center instructors for help BEFORE your test corrections session.

When you are arrive for your appointment, you will show your test corrections to the PSME center instructor, tell the instructor how you solved the problems, and answer the instructor’s questions.  The instructor may ask questions that were not on the original exam, as the goal of this process is to determine that you have a better understanding of the material.  Even if your written answer is correct, the instructor will not sign off unless you can explain your solution and answer related problems.  The instructor may sign off on some problems, and may ask you to do more work or seek help on other problems.  Please understand that the instructor will not help you with the problems at this time.  You may return for one additional try on those problems.

Since you may need to come back for additional help and a second session, you should begin this process several days before corrections are due to your instructor.

The PSME Center is located in room 4213. The Center is open Monday-Thursday from 8:30am – 8pm, Friday from 9am – 4pm and Saturday from 10am – 2pm.


Ready to make an appointment?  Please visit the online appointment system.