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Lecture notes and other items for C30A-xx, —- quarter 20xx, Dr. Cagan.

I expect students in this course to adhere to the Foothill Academic Integrity Pledge.  I also encourage students to take this pledge at  http://foothill.Pledge.sgizmo.com/s3/
(same link as given below under the heading: Foothill Academic Integrity Pledge )

CAGAN 01 Chemistry 1923-2013 also 90 years of Chem & Eng News-annotated
The above pdf file (01 Chemistry 1923-2013 also…) allows you to see some recent chemistry history. Annotated means that I have boxed in red items that might be of interest to C30A students. If you are not interested you don’t have to read it.

PSME Tutoring Center link:

Foothill Academic Integrity Pledge

pdf of a card containing the FH Academic Integrity Policy
Academic Integrity Z-Card

The next items are pdf files of C30A-xx/xx lectures.  More lectures will be added as they are first presented in class.

CAGAN-C30A periodic table with groups