Virtual Desktops

Starting Fall 2013 PSME will be deploying virtual desktops in their computer labs. These desktops have all the software requested by our faculty to allow students compete their assignments.

Installing the VMware View Application

You can install the VMware plugin in your computer to access such labs. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Download and Install the following VMware plugin from here. Make sure to choose the plugin for your operating system. Also notice that there are two different versions; one with local Mode option and one without, Please choose the one without the local mode option.
  2. Install the Plugin on your system.
    1. Accept the License Agreement.
    2. Make sure USB Redirection is installed and Log in as current user is disabled.

step1C. On the default server window type the following host name:


D. Accept all defaults after step C

Connecting to a Virtual Desktop

1. run VMware View Client. You will be prompted to confirm the connection server. It should be filled in for you. Click Connect


2. You will be prompted to confirm the identity of the server. Click on continue.



3. You will be prompted to type a user name and password to gain access to the Virtual Desktop. Please get that information from your instructor.



4. After you are logged in the system successfully you will be presented with a list of available desktops for you. Double click on any of the to connect.



After the connection is established you will have a full windows 7 Desktop running on your system.